The Outlaw League

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 - 10:00
Vancity Theatre
1181 Seymour St.
$9 adult; $6 child, youth, senior; $5 each for groups of 10 or more
Jean Beaudry

In French with English subtitles

Twelve-year-old Nicolas, the son and grandson of fishermen, lives alone with his mother and sister in a village overlooking the sea. A terrible storm snatched his father a few years earlier. Nicolas must not only deal with his loss, but also the slow disintegration of his grandfather, Jérémie, who has started drinking too much to ease the pain of the death of his son.

Summer vacation is the opportunity for Nicholas to resume his greatest pleasure: playing baseball with his friends. A major obstacle greets the children who assemble at the village baseball field: the town council has decided to convert the field into a municipal dump.

With Nicolas as their leader, the village children resist the mayor’s manipulation with ferocity and, to their surprise, they receive the support of Jérémie and his old buddies.

La gang des hors-la-loi 

Nicolas, fils et petit-fils de pêcheurs, a douze ans et il habite avec sa mère et sa sœur dans un village qui surplombe l’océan. Après l’orage dévastateur qui a enlevé son père il y a quelques années, Nicolas doit faire face à sa perte et à la détérioration graduelle de son grand-père, Jeremie, qui boit trop pour alléger le chagrin d’avoir perdu son fils. 

Les vacances d’été donnent à Nicolas l’occasion de s’adonner à nouveau à son plus grand plaisir: jouer au baseball avec ses amis. Mais quand ils se rejoignent pour jouer, les enfants se retrouvent avec un gros problème: le conseil municipal a décidé d’utiliser le terrain en tant que dépotoir. 

Sous la direction de Nicolas, les enfants du village résistent férocement aux projets du la mairesse et reçoivent une belle surprise quand Jeremie et ses vieux potes se rassemblent pour les aider.  

Recommandé pour 10 ans et plus

Note: Ce film édifiant contient quelques mots frustes et une représentation franche d’un grand-père alcoolique mais amoureux.

Themes: baseball, sports, friendship, grief, working together, creatively approaching challenge

Classification:  PG - Coarse Language

Recommended for ages 10+

Note: This uplifting film includes a few coarse words and a frank depiction of an alcoholic but loving grandfather.

The Outlaw League screens as part of TALENT LAB for Elementary Schools.

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Jean Beaudry hails from Québec. He was an actor and stage director before co-directing, along with François Bouvier, for his first and second feature films; Jacques and November (Jacques et Novembre, 1984), in which he also played a leading role, and Unfaithful Mornings (Les Matins Infideles, 1989). Other directing credits include: The Case of the Witch Who Wasn’t (Pas de Répit pour Mélanie, 1990), The Clean Machine (Tirelire Combines & Cie, 1992). Before directing The Outlaw League, Beaudry had directed three other feature films, published a novel and taught cinema at Québec University. -- Director's Statement -- “For this film I was working with professional actors and 12 young actors between 6 and 14. For most of those young actors, it was their first experience in front of the camera and I didn’t know how I would be able to handle that. But after a day’s work, I immediately felt they were forming a real ‘gang’. And the magic spread over the whole crew!” “Since actors are like a sponge of emotions, especially if they are young, everything that permeates their behaviour behind the camera is reflected in front of it. The work was intense, sometimes difficult and sometimes very funny. I will always remember that scene between Nicolas and his grandfather that moved me to tears. I then told myself: that is why I am a director… to show that emotion on the screen!”