Youth Media Conference & Showcase

This year we have a focus on digital literacy, with a panel, interactive presentations, a Behind the Scenes Expo, a program of short films (Conflict and Resolution), and the Youth Filmmakers Showcase. As responsible digital citizens, students must acquire digital literacy skills that include the ability to create and share messages, using language, graphic design, sound, and moving images. Developing these skills is invaluable for participating in our communities, culture, and the media landscape. The 3rd annual R2R Youth Media Conference is designed to inspire young people to become creators, and will equip them with the tools to engage in constructive critique.

Talent Lab for Secondary Schools

Students attend screenings of short or feature length films, followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker, discussant or Festival Director.  A study guide is provided for each film program, and the film can be paired with a workshop (space is limited in the workshop).