Food for Thought

How is it that the tiniest detail can sometimes ostracize someone for being a little 'different'?

How Do You Pronounce Pho?

This documentary is an exploration of identity and culture through food.

Lost and Found

Living in a busy metropolis causes distance between people. Everyone tries to avoid unnecessary hindrances in life. The main character gets influenced by the aloof environment and loses his identity throughout the incidents. However, this leads to an extraordinary adventure which in the end, finds himself with a special one’s help.

No dialogue


For every child it is scary to be the ‘new kid’ at school, but if you come from another country and don’t speak the language, it must be terrifying. Advisory: mentions the death of a parent.

In Dutch, English and Swahili with English Subtitles

The Red Apple

This is the story of a friendship and burgeoning love between two Romanian Gypsy kids in a camp on the outskirts of Bari in southern Italy. Vitalis just arrived from Romania. Although Giuly takes Vitalis to school on his first day, his classmates bully him. Giuly and Vitalis never read the screenplay, and use their real names in the film.  

In Italian, Romanian and Romani with English subtitles

Advisory: shows bullying and children living in harsh conditions

To the Bone

Weary of traveling and working on farms around the country with her brother and father, a young girl rebels, with unintended consequences. A coming-of-age story, To the Bone is a window into the world of child migrant farmworkers in the US; it's an intimate film about one family that represents the struggles of so many.

In Spanish and English with English subtitles