A poetic visual exploration of the Snoqualmie Tribal lands.

Barbara Howard

In 1938, while still in high school, Barbara Howard set a new record in sprinting and found herself on the Canadian team bound for Sydney, Australia. As a black female athlete, she became a media sensation as she prepared to run the race of her life.

Bhavini - I Just Wanna Dance

Little Bhavini dreams her way out of a Mumbai slum into a career as a dancer. She keeps practicing the steps of traditional Indian dancing; she keeps begging her mother to allow her to take lessons with a famous teacher. But it’s expensive and they are barely scraping by since her father died. So Bhavini begins to work at her mother’s beauty salon. And, there is another obstacle to overcome: the entrance examination. This documentary, explores the question of what it means to live for one’s dreams.

In Hindi with English Subtitles

Advisory: mentions the death of a father

Blotto 649

A fantastic journey of colour is created with 6,490 photographs of spin art micro paintings, with music by Smoky Tiger.

Advisory: flashing images may cause seizures for some children


Boardmaster takes a playful look at how skateboarding was introduced in Uganda.  It was made in collaboration with members of the Uganda Skateboard Union in Kitintale, Uganda.


This animated film is an absurd interpretation of a poem by A S J Tessimond.


Birth, growth and departure. This life cycle story turned fantasy explores the world of icings and cakes. Whimsical animation allows the viewers to think about their own journey.

No dialogue

Erik and the Mystery Package (Erik et la meute mystère)

Following the death of his dog Pantoufle, Erik is put to the challenge.

In French with English subtitles

Finding Josephine

A family has been supporting a child in Uganda via a charity for three years. They travel from the United Kingdom to Uganda to see if their donations really make it to the young girl who writes them letters.

In English and Swahili with English Subtitles

Advisory: mentions the deaths of a child’s family members

Gift of Life

A poetic animation about a young man who loses the light in his life and attempts to get it back.

No dialogue