All the Time in the World

In search of a new perspective, a family of five leaves the comforts of home to live in the remote Yukon wilderness during the long northern winter. The parents leave their jobs and take their three children (ages 10, 8 and 4) to spend nine months living in a small cabin with no road access, electricity, running water, Internet, TV or phone. The film is noteworthy for offering the unique perspectives of the children as they connect with both their parents and nature.  Particularly poignant is the family’s solution for celebrating Halloween when the nearest neighbour is a hundred kilometers away…

WINNER - MOST POPULAR CANADIAN DOCUMENTARY - Vancouver International Film Festival
WINNER - GREEN SCREEN AWARD - Planet In Focus Film Festival (Toronto) and Harold Greenberg Fund

Barbara Howard

In 1938, while still in high school, Barbara Howard set a new record in sprinting and found herself on the Canadian team bound for Sydney, Australia. As a black female athlete, she became a media sensation as she prepared to run the race of her life.

Being a Teen is Tough

A youth from Haida Gwaii shares some challenges of - and solutions to - being a teenager.

In Haida with English subtitles


Boardmaster takes a playful look at how skateboarding was introduced in Uganda.  It was made in collaboration with members of the Uganda Skateboard Union in Kitintale, Uganda.

Body Image

A charming doc about perception - of yourself and others....


Birth, growth and departure. This life cycle story turned fantasy explores the world of icings and cakes. Whimsical animation allows the viewers to think about their own journey.

No dialogue

Everything Changed

Akira Horii shares the story of when his family was forced to relocate from Vancouver's Strathcona neighbourhood to an internment camp site in Lillooet BC, due to the discrimination of Japanese Canadians during WWII. Everything Changed is an excerpt of a larger educational film project for the Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre.


Note: This screening will be followed by Giovanni's Island. After the films, the Nikkei Place will host a reception with special guest and subject of the film, Akira Horii. 

Food for Thought

How is it that the tiniest detail can sometimes ostracize someone for being a little 'different'?

Gift of Life

A poetic animation about a young man who loses the light in his life and attempts to get it back.

No dialogue

Giovanni's Island

In Japanese, Korean, and Russian with English subtitles

Following Japan’s surrender at the end of World War II, brothers Junpei and Kanta’s lives are turned upside-down as the Soviet Union occupies the small island of Shikotan. Junpei and Kanta must work to keep their family together, while also struggling to understand a culture they’ve never known. A new friend, Tanya, a Soviet girl their age, helps make the transition smoother. It’s not long before Junpei and Kanta are separated from their father and sent away from home, left on their own to find the way back. Based on true events, as well as the classic Japanese novel, Night on the Galactic Railroad, Giovanni’s Island is a heartwarming story of the importance of familial bonds and persevering through the greatest of hardships.